On-boarding your employees into any new system can often be a tedious task not many look forward to.  For this reason, we are here to help and with all the information you might need to get you started on Sunlight in the easiest possible way.  

1. Make sure you have an account first

To begin on-boarding your company, you first need to open your account, which you can do by clicking here

2. Create a group for your company

Once your personal account is set, you can create a new group by going to groups, clicking on "Create A New Group" and adding your employees. 

3. Invite your employees

You will need a list of your employees with their email addresses, so you can add them swiftly as soon as you are ready, as well as a company credit card which you will use to activate budgets.

Add and invite members manually

Click on add new members and you'll see a window, like the one below, display. Simply write the person's email or name and click on add. Once you have added everyone you would like to invite, click on add users. An invitation will be sent to their emails and they will be immediately added to the group so you can start giving their accounts a Sunlight budget.

Mass import via a .csv file

We are working on allowing mass importation of users via a .csv file. We are close, but it is not quite ready yet. If you need help importing a lot of users, please reach out to our concierge and we would be happy to help with that.

4. Set their learning budgets 

Once you have people inside of your group, the most important thing is to give them a Sunlight budget. To do this, simply click on a member's row to display the user's settings. From their on click on budget

5. Select your payment method

You have added your team's learning budget and now you need to activate it. To do this, you need to define your payment method. You have two options which are: upfront payment with your Group Wallet or connect a credit card and "pay on the go". 

To do the latter, you can go to your billing section and connect the card you choose for your Sunlight transactions. To go with the group wallet, please contact our support team at support@sunlight.is and you will be provided the payment instructions.

6. Congrats!

That is it! You have covered all the basics and are now 100% ready to use Sunlight. Keep reading below for any additional things you might want to set up, such as integrations, roles, playlists and more.

Keep exploring...

👍 Use Slack? Set up that integration.

Something that might help you when orders start flowing is our Slack Integration, which enables notifications to the Slack channel of your preference and keeps you up to date on your team's Sunlight activities.

📣 Communicate what Sunlight is to your team.

When everything is set up, the next thing you might want to do is let your team know about Sunlight and how it works within your company.  You may have internal rules in place on how they should spend their personal allowance, or simply want to let them know that they have free reign over their learning budget.  Whatever the case, we offer you a template of an Internal Communications Email, with which you'll be able to inform them about our platform. Furthermore, they will want to know how to get on spending their Sunlight, and this short video is ideal to give them a general overview of the platform.

Have any questions or comments?

Please don't hesitate to contact us through our Concierge or by emailing us at support@sunlight.is.

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