Books are among the most important learning resources in the world.  They are the backbone of our learning society.  As such, we want to make sure you are always able to use your Sunlight to purchase your books in the best and most efficient way. 

Amazon is a big book provider, and one of the most popular among our users.  But because of Amazon's diversity of products, we also want to make sure that everything is done in a transparent and trackable way that works for our users and the companies they work for.  This is why our Amazon request fulfillment process is different from our regular workflow after a request is approved (if applicable). So, how does it work?  

The first part of the process is the same as usual: 1) you find a resource, click on "Request" and fill in the details (format, currency and price).

2) Or you click on "Order Anything" and fill in the details of the resource (link, format, currency and price).

At the end of the form, you are then asked to fill in a few extra details pertaining your delivery address.  When you finish, click on the green button that reads "Place Request".

If you don't wish to fill these every time you are requesting a book, you can simply fill in your address details on your profile settings and the form will be automatically filled from then on.

Afterwards, the order is either approved automatically or sent for approval, and once this step is completed, is when things move along differently.  Instead of having a card generated so you can buy your book as usual, you will see the message on the picture below:

This means that we will take care of fulfilling your order for you, so you needn't worry about a thing! The plot does thicken depending on the type of book you wish to buy. We have three different possible scenarios for Amazon books:

If you want a kindle book

In this case, Amazon has a policy that does not allow us to send kindle books to third-parties, therefore, we will send you a Kindle e-Gift Voucher to the email you list on the request as "delivery email", which should be the one associated with your Amazon account, so that you can purchase your book from your account. After the voucher is sent, the order will be moved to completed.

If you want an audiobook

Audio books are slightly more challenging because they don't allow gift vouchers nor to be sent to third parties.  For this reason, we treat these orders as we do all our other orders: we generate a credit card which you can use to purchase your book. You can use this card on Audible or Amazon to purchase your audio book, but you need to add the Audible URL in order for the card to be generated, regardless of the shop where you wish to complete your purchase.  Your order will then be completed as soon as your card is charged.

If you want a physical book

For physical books, we use the address you specified on your request.  Sometimes users forget to add in the shipping cost or there might be other discrepancies with the order, such as the book changed prices or its availability has changed.  In these cases we will contact you and let you know of these changes to make sure you still want the book before we move forward.  We will then complete the order if you agree with the changes and the status will move from "Fulfilling" to "Shipped" and you will see the following message, which will give you the shipping and tracking details.

And there you are! Once we send your book, you just need to sit back, relax and maybe drink a cup of tea. When your book gets delivered, your order will be completed and the invoice will be added. 

Have any questions or comments?

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