Here at Sunlight we are always looking for ways to grow and improve.  As time goes by, we may come to realise that some solutions that we found to work in the past, need changing in order to accommodate new features or improve our service. 

Previously, companies have only been able to pay as they go, meaning we charged the card registered to a group each time there was a request was completed. We have now added the option for companies to pre-pay, meaning that you are also able to transfer a monthly or yearly amount to a group wallet and not have to worry about multiple Sunlight transactions being made to your company card. But don't fret, Sunlight works both ways: you can pre-pay or pay as you go. 

How does it work?

In short, we charge your group after requests are created or approved (if admin approval is needed). We always try to charge your group wallet first, but if that's at 0 or doesn't have enough balance to complete the request, we charge your registered card for the outstanding amount. Also, if requests are canceled or refunded, we credit your group wallet and those funds stay there until they are needed for a new request or you ask for a refund.

Some detailed examples...

If a request is cancelled after being approved

We credit your group wallet with the order amount. To prevent any unwanted build-up of funds in your group wallet, we always try debiting your group wallet first when paying for new requests and then using any other registered payment methods (such as a card). Group admins are also be able to request a withdrawal to your company bank account at any time.

If a request is refunded

Same as when a request is canceled. 

If a card inside a request is charged for less than what the user asked

Sometimes the cards inside requests are charged for less than the amount requested by the user (in case of new sales, offers, etc). If that happens, we credit the difference to your group wallet.

✅ Group admins are always able to request a withdrawal from their group wallet.

You simply need to provide us with the company bank account you'd like the funds to be sent to. No need to worry about losing any Sunlight credit or leftover funds.

️And we also give companies who prefer, the added option of paying upfront.

This means you are able to top up your wallet once and avoid having credit card charges for every new request if you'd like. 

Have any questions or comments?

Please don't hesitate to contact us through our Concierge or by emailing us at

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