Permissions and How They Work
Find out all about the different permissions you can grant your users to help you manage the platform.
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Making someone an admin of a company or giving them special permissions, allows this user to access different areas of the company’s account which a regular user would not be able to see. There are 6 different special permissions you can give a user, and they vary according to the level of access to the platform you want to grant them. These permissions are:

  • Company Admin

  • Access to billing

  • Access to cohorts

  • Access to reports

  • Can approve all requests in the company

  • Don’t ask for approval

To understand them better we've listed and broken them down for you:

Company Admins

A company admin is someone with unlimited access to everything that happens within the company, and has the ability to edit it all. They can edit the company settings, playlists, members and their budget, see the analytics and reports, access the billing section and everything in there, and approve or cancel requests. 

Access to Billing

We normally suggest enabling this permission to those who need access to the goings-on of the account in terms of its finances. A company’s billing section is where you'll find all the transactions, information about the payment method, company wallet, invoices and more. To have more details about what you can find here, check out our article “Billing Overview.”

Access to cohorts

This will allow the user to manage the cohorts of the entire company. This means that they'll be able to create new cohorts, update the management settings, members and other details that need to be updated, as well as remove any cohorts that may no longer be active. To find out more about cohorts, please visit the article "All About Cohorts."

Access to reports

The user will be able to see the company’s reports and analytics sections. This will give them access to reports containing the company’s account behavior, expenses (not detailed like the billing section), spending patterns: categories and skills by cohorts and for the whole company, as well as what types of resources are more popular, the amount of learning transactions in a given time-range, etc.

Approve requests in the company

For those cases when a manager is out and you still need someone as back up to approve/cancel requests, this will grant a user the permission to approve/cancel all the requests in the company. They'll not receive notifications, just have access to the requests’ tab of the company and will be able to approve or cancel those requests that may need it.

Don’t ask for approval

There are special cases of people, like executives, who may not need their requests to go through the regular approval process. When this is enabled, the requests created by the user do not require to be approved by anyone. 

To find out how to enable these settings, please visit our article "Managing your user’s details"

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