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Learn how to connect to our Bamboo HR integration in just a few steps :)
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There are many HR platforms out there to help you handle a specific aspect of your company.  Not one of them can cover everything you need.  However, it is great when you can connect them all to help your job become easier.

Because we know this, our team is constantly working on ways to make sure that your Sunlight experience is better.  Thus inspiring us to create our integrations, one of which is our Bamboo integration.  To connect it, you need to do the following.

On Bamboo HR

1. Request access to edit webhooks on Bamboo HR

The first thing you need to do is contact Bamboo HR support to request that they give you access to edit webhooks. It's important to set this up before anything else, as this will lay the foundation for the integration. 

2. Obtain an API Key

Thsi can be created on Bamboo HR by clicking on your name (next to settings) and selecting "API Keys". You will need to create one to complete the integration with Sunlight.

3. Create a new webhook

Then you need to create a new webhook, which you can call however you would like (although we do recommend using a name associated with Sunlight), and customize it as follows:

3.1 Select your fields

We are compatible with all the fields on the table below, so you can choose whichever you like. Please note that we need the email address to be one of these fields, as this is necessary for the integration to work correctly. Another important thing to note is that for the fields you select, we'll need you to edit the column called Post Var so that this information matches on our database.

3.2 When asked: 

"What format should the data be in?" Please select "JSON".
"Where should the data be posted?" Please add the URL: https://callbacks.sunlight.is/bamboo?api_key=123 - Where 123 is your API Key you generated on the previous step.
"When should the data be sent?" This you can choose, but we strongly recommend choosing "Every" for every field, so that the data is constantly synchronized.

3.3 Save the changes and you are halfway there!

On Sunlight

1. Contact Us

When you visit our Integrations tab, you will notice that instead of a button to connect with Bamboo, you have one to contact us. In order to enable this integration for you, we need you to please contact us and send us your company's domain (i.e. ours is "sunlight.is"). Please note that any members of the company who have an email address with a different domain will not be synchronized with the integration.

2. Connect to Bamboo HR

Once we have received your request to enable the integration and your domain, we will make the "connect" button available for you where the "Contact Support" button used to be. Just click on "Connect an account" and you'll be shown a quick form to set up the integration on our side. 

2.1 What information should you add?

  • Where it says "Subdomain" please add the subdomain you use on Bamboo HR. A quick way to know what yours is would be to find the URL on your browser and look for the part before ".bamboohr.com"

  • Where it says "API Key" please add the API Key you generated on Bamboo HR

2.2 What do the permissions mean?

  • "Do Initial Sync" means that every employee you have on Bamboo HR will be added to Sunlight, if they are not already members. Please note that this initial sync could take a few minutes

  • "Create New Users on Sunlight" when enabled allows you to add any new employees automatically to your Sunlight company, once they have been added to Bamboo HR

  • "Always Update my Users" will allow any changes you make on Bamboo to be reflected on Sunlight - if the field edited is among the ones you selected on the webhook you created in Bamboo HR. Please note that this synchronization is from Bamboo HR to Sunlight, Sunlight does not feed information to Bamboo HR.

3. And that is all!

Congratulations! You have made it to the end and we are happy to inform you that your Sunlight group is now connected to Bamboo HR :)

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us at support@sunlight.is.

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