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After an inquiry from a user, we looked into what would be the possibility of filing Sunlight as a Benefit In Kind (BIK). What we were told by multiple accountants is that the law does not specify learning and development expenses as something you'd need to register as a benefit in kind. 

Documentation states: “You do not have to report anything to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or pay tax and National Insurance if the employee is in work-related training” (Source: GOV.UK). You can see the definition of work-related training, for which Sunlight usage is adequate here.

There are some edge cases in which you should technically report the expense, one example offered being “an evening at the go-kart track” when providing “safe-driver training”(Source: GOV.UK).

But so long as you stay away from attending educational high speed thrills with Sunlight, all expenses should be exempt and you do not have to file them as BIK

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