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Setting up SAML authentication with OneLogin
Setting up SAML authentication with OneLogin

On the technical side of things, learn how to set up authentication with OneLogin in one (maybe 10) easy step(s)!

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We know that security is a priority for everyone.  A way to make sure your accounts are more secure is by setting up authentication for your Sunlight group.  There are many platforms which help do this, but for this article, we'll focus on OneLogin. To set this up, most of the action takes place directly in OneLogin, on your account.

The first thing you need to do is access your account as an administrator on OneLogin.  Once in your account, you want to go to "Administration" where all the action takes place.  From Administration, you want to go to "Apps" and select "Add Apps" (as shown below)

When you find yourself with all the options available for new apps, you might want to make good use of the search bar, because there are many and we only need one :)

The App you want to select is the one on the photo: SAML Test Connector (IdP).  It's important to pay attention here not to select any other option but the one which only says IdP.  Click on the option and you'll be taken to the app directly, where you'll be able to set everything up.

On "Display Name" you can write anything you'd like, but we do recommend to add something related to Sunlight so that you may identify it.  Once this is done you want to click on "Save" which will allow you to take the next step.  Following this, you need to open the tab which reads "Configurations" where you'll need to fill these fields as shown below:

Audience: urn:sunlight:idp
ACS (Consumer) URL*:
ACS (Consumer) URL Validator*: ^https:\/\/grow\.sunlight\.is\/saml\/consume\/$

Once these fields are filled, please save and move on to Parameters, to continue your setup. 

You want to click on "Add parameter" and do the following:

Please be sure to write email with no capital letters.  Tick "Include SAML assertion" and save to continue.  Click on the parameter you have just added so that the box below pops up, and please select "Email" as the value:

Save and proceed to the final step (we feel as ecstatic as you that the end is near and you'll be all set up soon!).  Please go to the right-hand side, where it says "More Options" and open the drop-down menu.

Then, please click on "SAML Metadata" which will download a file with some very important information we'll need.  All that is left for you to do is to please forward that file to our team by sending it to specifying that it is your SAML Metadata so that we may store it in our database and finalise enabling your authentication on Sunlight.

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us at

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