Here is a common case we have found in companies: employees A, B and C are in the same team. A reports to B, and B reports to C. Is it possible for B to approve and suggest learning resources for A, and C for B?  

Now, we are working on making our approval system more customized to allow you to set it however you would like so that it can cater exactly to your company's needs.  However, for the interim, this is the solution we have for you.

The more straight forward approach is on the first level approval rights.  This means that Employees A, B and C are in the same team and B and C report to A, A would be the admin and approve the requests of C and B but not their own.

Team admin requests go to the overall group admin, unless said team admin belongs to a different team of which he is not admin.  As I mentioned, we are working on the customization of approval rights, to make it possible on multiple levels, but this is something that will come at a later stage (early next year).  

If you need further divisions, the way we have managed it with the same example is as follows: Emplyees A, B and C belong to one department. A reports to B and B reports to C.  For this case, there would need to be two teams: Team 1 where A is a member and B is the admin, and Team 2, where B is a member and C is the admin.  With this second scenario, you are able to subdivide and make sure only the direct managers are approving the requests of their team, and not anyone else.

Please keep in mind that Group Admins will receive all notifications and be able to approve/cancel every request within the group, regardless of the member belonging to any teams and having a separate manager.  This does not mean that team admins will not get notified, it only means that both the team and the group admins are notified of the requests.  Also please note that both groups and teams may have as many admins as you need.

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