Ad-Hoc and How It Works
Let's learn more about this Sunlight feature.
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In general, our Ad-Hoc functionality works by hiding the user's budget.  What they'll see if they open the details of their wallet is "ad-hoc" under their group's name, to refer to the fact that their group does not work with a budget but with this feature instead.  

Your team will make a request and once you approve it, your card will be charged or the funds will be deducted from your company's wallet.  Before approving, you can see the details on the request to make sure that the amount being requested is correct and everything is as it should be.  

There are three possible cases when it comes to using Ad-Hoc, and here's how each works:

  1. The company covers 100% of the price: the user makes the request on Sunlight, the request is sent to you (or to a manager) for approval and once it's approved your card or wallet is charged for that specific amount. All the transactions will be visible on your billing tab and the order process continues as usual.  

  2. The company and the user share the price: for this case, you'd need to agree on the amount which the user will cover in advance, as they'd have to top-up their personal wallet before making the request.  When making the request they select the amount they'll pay from their personal wallet and then send it for approval. The request will be sent to you (or to a manager) and you'll be able to check that indeed you're approving the agreed amount.  Once approved, the request will follow the same process.

  3. The user covers 100% of the price: the user would have to top up their personal wallet and create the request making sure to cover the whole cost with their personal wallet. You'd not receive this request for approval as it would be paid solely with their personal wallet, but it would still show on their record of purchases.

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