Playlists are a great way to keep your favorite content on a subject in one place. When looking at playlists created by other people, they're also a great place to discover new resources. If you find some that you particularly like, you can follow them or make them your own. Here's how... 

Following playlists

Following a playlists means the playlist will be added to your playlist collection and will be available on your sidebar. You'll receive any updates made by it's owner, but you won't be able to edit it yourself. To follow a playlist simply go into the playlist page and click on the follow button.

Copy playlist

Copying a playlist is what it says on the tin. You'll simply create a copy of the playlist which you'll then be able to edit and use as your own. Do consider however, that you'll stop receiving updates from its original creator. To copy a playlist simply go to the playlist page and click on the copy button.

Collaborate on playlists

Playlists can also be collaborative, meaning various people can add or remove resources from it. To create a collaborative playlist simply go into the playlist settings and turn on the toggle that says collaborative. Note, only the original owner of the playlist will be able to delete the playlist or change its settings.

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