From the beginning, a big part of our mission has been to help you through your learning journey so that you can grow both personally and professionally.
With over 40,000 different learning resources (and growing) inside of Sunlight, there are a lot of places that journey can take you. Thankfully, you can always search to find the ones most relevant to you. Here's how...

1. Click on Search in the sidebar

This will display the search modal, containing the search term field (where you can type in your search term) and the search result preview. 

2. Type in your search term 

You'll notice that as you type, results will show in real time below for resources, playlists, people and groups. 

3. View all results

If what you're looking for doesn't immediately show in the search preview simply press enter with the search field highlighted to view all results. You can also click on view all, in each of the respective categories (resources, playlists, people and groups) to view all results within that category.

Filtering and browsing all results

If you're searching for resources or playlists, chances are your search will have a lot of results. Thankfully you can filter the search so that it caters to your needs in a better way. 

When you filter, you have several different options. You can sort by relevance, price, most rated, among others.  You can then decide if you want a book or an online course, or any other type of resource which might pique your interest.  After we have the options to select the resources purchased by friends or recommended to you, select the better reviewed, price and provider.  

You can tick as many boxes as you want, to make your search as narrow or wide as you wish.  

Once your search is as narrow or wide as you wish, you can directly request any resource or make a playlist out of your findings.  We wish to offer you a universe of possibilities, which is now yours to decide how to use.

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