How Can I Top Up and Use My Personal Wallet?
Ran out of funds but want to keep learning with Sunlight? Your personal wallet has come to your rescue!
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As an active Sunlight user, and depending on your company’s budget settings, you’ll eventually start running out of funds. But do not worry! Even with your last bit of budget, there’s still a way to purchase that awesome course you’ve always wanted to take, or that book that everybody’s been recommending.

How to Top up Your Personal Wallet

1. Click on your name in the sidebar

Look at the top left corner of your sidebar, you should see your profile image. Clicking on it will display your account menu.

2. Find your personal wallet

In the account menu, you'll see all the different wallets you might have. Your personal wallet is the first one with your image on it.

3. Click on "Top up"

Once you click on “Top up”, a modal should pop up asking you how much you'd like to add to your wallet. After this, click on “Next” and fill in the details of your card to complete the process.

And now you’re done! The amount you’ll have available to purchase resources on Sunlight will be the combined balance of your company wallet and your personal wallet. You'll see the total balance on the “Use your Sunlight” box under the “To do” title.

In the same way, you’ll be able to see it if you click again on your profile image. It’s right above your personal wallet.

How to use your personal wallet

Topping up your personal wallet is the perfect solution if you want to order something but, you’re missing a few dollars, pounds or euros from your assigned budget. If you want to use it, all you need to do is fill out the form of a request and when you reach the “Choose payment” page, you’ll see both the wallet of your company and your personal wallet. In here, simply type the amount you’d like to cover with your own funds and continue to place your request.

And that's all you need to know about top-ups, do not miss out on the opportunity of learning!

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