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Read any good articles lately? How about that nice video you watched recently? Share it all on Sunlight!

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Do you have some resources that you’d love to share on your profile? Maybe you saw a video that you’d like to share with your team or an article you want to recommend to a colleague. All of this is possible in Sunlight and here you can learn how to do it!

Sharing resources from Sunlight

After you click on "Search" (4th button in the sidebar), type some keywords in our search bar. Press enter to view all results, or choose the categories you’d want to see. 

2. Once you've found something interesting...

On the upper-right side of the resource card, hover over the "..." button to display its menu and then click on “Share”.

Or, you can also click on the “Share” button inside of the resource profile.

3. Type the names or emails of whom you want to share this with

Either way you choose to share, a modal should pop up on the left side asking you to type in the names or emails of the person or people with whom you'd like to share the resource (you can select individuals, teams or even your entire company). Also, you can share a resource to multiple people at once.

4. If you wish, add comment

As a final step you can add an optional comment, for example saying why you find this resource interesting. If you leave notifications enabled, everyone will be notified that you've shared a resource with them. After this, just click "Share" and your resource will be shared with the people you selected :)

These people will receive a Sunlight notification and, in the case of Slack users with our integration, they’ll receive a Slack notification as well. All the resources shared to one person will then be added to a playlist called “Recommended by others”. 

Sharing resources from outside Sunlight

1. Go to the sidebar and click on "Share"

In your sidebar, on the left-hand menu, click on “Share” and select the type of resource you will share. After, paste the URL and confirm the details.

2. Follow steps 3 and 4 previously mentioned on “Sharing resources from Sunlight” 

And that’s it! You can now await the praise and comments of your shared resource. 

Have any questions or comments?

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