Do you have some resources that you would love to share on your profile? Maybe you saw a video that you would love to share with your team or an article you want to recommend to a colleague. All of this is possible with our "Share" functionality, and here you can learn how to use it!

How does it work from my profile?

This is very similar to our order process, but has slightly different results. To share a resource, just click on the "Share" option, on the left-hand menu and select the type of resource you will share.

Once you have selected your type of resource, paste the URL and confirm the details. Then select how you want to share it (your profile, all your groups or just one) and then click on "Share"

Once you are done, your resource will be shared on your designated place :)

Have any questions or comments?

Please don't hesitate to contact us through our Concierge or by emailing us at

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