Amazon Requests: Moving to Self-Fulfillment
So you were used to us purchasing your Amazon books and now you have to do it yourself? Don't panic! We'll show you how.
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As an avid Sunlight user, you were probably already used to requesting Amazon books, and then sitting back and relaxing while we took care of the rest. However, sometimes this would carry other issues such as a delay on the delivery or having to be contacted multiple times to confirm price changes, address or other discrepancies. So that’s why, and following our users’ feedback,  beginning March 1, 2020, Amazon requests will be handled like all other requests. 

So, how will it work? Easy as 1, 2, 3:

1 . Create a request

You can start by clicking the multi-colored, blinking Sun button in the Sunlight sidebar or on the tab “Use your Sunlight”.  Then,  you can copy and paste the Amazon URL of your item on the Sunlight request form. 

2. Confirm your request’s details 

Go through the regular steps of confirming details, price and wallet, and then click on "Place Request". Make sure to edit the price on the request so it matches the one you see on Amazon. To learn more about this please visit our article “How to create a new request”.

After your request has been approved by an admin (if applicable), you'll see a green debit card appear on the Sunlight request page.  

3. Purchase your resource on Amazon 

 Now that you have your Sunlight card, go to Amazon, add the book to your shopping cart, and enter the Sunlight card details at checkout, just like you’d do it if you use any regular credit card.  Finally, complete your purchase on Amazon and wait for the order confirmation!  After this, you’re all set!  

One card per user! 

We have some more good news! You'll be assigned the same card number for all of your Sunlight requests. This will help you save time at checkout when purchasing multiple resources from Amazon or from any other provider.

In this specific case, you can go to “Your account” on Amazon, click on “Your payments” and follow the instructions so you can add your Sunlight card as a new payment method. 

Finally, if you've placed Sunlight requests in the past, you'll notice there's nothing new here, and there isn't. The difference is that instead of getting a "We're fulfilling your request" message, you’ll get a debit card to use directly on Amazon and you’ll be in command of all your purchases. 

Have any questions or comments?

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