The Perks of Our Slack Integration
Our Slack integration is a great way to blend everything that is happening on Sunlight with your day to day work. Learn all you can do here.
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Connecting our Slack integration is a great way to bring Sunlight into you everyday routine. This helps tie the learning journey together with your work and make it a social as well as a personal experience. Having Sunlight connected to your Slack helps keep everyone up to date with the latest in your team's learning, thus cultivating the amazing growth and learning culture we have made our mission to help you create. 

Here we have compiled all the different features our Slack integration has, to ensure you are taking full advantage of everything you have at your disposal.

The Overall Perks

When fully connecting our Slack integration, these are all the features you get:

  • A live feed of the company's activity in whatever channel you choose (option can be disabled on the company's settings)

  • A Sunlight bot that will allow the platform to communicate directly with the users

  • Share any resource you want directly from Slack, without having to go to your Sunlight profile to do it

  • Sunlight help: direct access to our Help Centre or how to contact our support team if you have any trouble at all

  • Check your balance/budget at any time

The Sunlight Commands:

  • /sunlight help will guide you to our Help Centre or our support team

  • /sunlight budget or /sunlight balance will show you your current budget at any time

  • /sunlight share + URL will allow you to share any resource you want to the chosen channel

The Sunlight Bot:

When you connect this integration to your Slack, you are enabling a Sunlight bot that will allow the platform to communicate directly with our users.  This bot will:

  • Help users keep track of their requests

  • Make interactions with Sunlight easier and more direct through Slack

  • Allow admins to keep better track of their team’s requests

  • Allow admins to approve requests directly from Slack

Visit, Approve or Cancel requests

As an admin, you will be notified when a request needs your attention. You can choose to visit, approve or cancel it directly from Slack to help keep everything up to date and speed along the process.

Once approved or cancelled, the member will also be notified:

Share through Slack

Write the simple command /sunlight share adding the URL you wish to share and keep your team up to date with the latest resources you have found interesting.

If you are part of different teams within Sunlight, before sharing, you will be asked in which channel or team you wish the resource to be published

Just select the one of your preference and the resource will be shared with your team.

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us at

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