Beginning on September 14, 2019, new regulations in the European Union required Strong Customer Authentication or SCA for online payments, in an effort to reduce online fraud. As a way to comply with such regulations, our group wallet system works as follows:

How it used to be:

  1. As a group admin, you had the option of either adding a company credit card, or topping up your group wallet via bank transfer, to cover costs relating to employee requests
  2. You could also have a company credit card linked to your group account, but primarily rely on bank transfers to top up your group wallet. Your credit card would only be charged if your group wallet balance ever reached 0.
  3. In the case of our monthly service fees, we would deduct the amount due from the group balance. We understood that this was inconvenient, as we were taking funds that would be better spent directly and exclusively on employee training.

How it is now:

  1. We kindly ask you to link a credit card to your company group. This card will be used to cover our service fees each month (you'll have corresponding invoices available as usual). The company credit card will also be used to cover costs related to user requests, but only if you switch this feature on and your group wallet balance ever reaches 0.
  2. You have the option to restrict your company credit card so it is used exclusively to cover our service fees and not any costs related to employee training. You can disable this option in the billing section of your group page, under "Company Card":

    3.  In terms of topping up your company wallet, you can still do so via bank transfer            or by actively authorizing a specific amount to be deducted from your company             credit card.

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