As a manager, we are sure that you wish to encourage your employees to take over the reins of their own professional development. However, you might still want to have some degree of oversight, to make sure your company funds are used reasonably and responsibly. That is why we have spending controls at your disposal :)

In this sense, we have three main spending control tools to help make sure that your Sunlight experience truly aligns with your company policies:

  • Admin Approvals: Users designated as group and team admins will receive notifications to approve requests from users within their group or team.
  • Mandatory Invoice Upload: Users will be required to upload invoices corresponding to each of their purchases in order to continue making requests.
  • Ad-Hoc Budgets: Users do not have a set amount of budget. Group or team admins will have to approve each purchase.

With these tools in mind, we have many possible combinations:

Scenario #1: No admin approvals at all
If you want your employees to have full freedom in terms of using their budget on Sunlight, you'll have to disable the admin approval requirement that is set by default. 

To do this, simply go to your group Settings > General, and you'll find the option under the "Spending & currency" section. Make sure the setting is turned off as seen below:

Scenario #2: No admin approvals but mandatory invoices
In our opinion, this is the best of both worlds. Your employees will get the full sense of freedom while you, as an admin, get full visibility over what they are purchasing with the company's funds. The setting should look like this:

Scenario #3: Require admin approvals for all requests
This scenario is set by default for all new groups. If you visit your group Settings > General, you'll find the option under the "Spending & currency" section and it should look like this:

Scenario #4: Require admin approvals for requests above a certain pricepoint
This scenario is similar to the previous one. You'll simply have to change the approval threshold to whatever amount you wish, let's say $50. In that case, requests that cost up to $49.99 will be approved automatically. The setting should look like this:

Scenario #5: Require admin approvals (with or without a threshold) + mandatory invoices
While uploading invoices is possible for each and every one of our requests, if you choose this scenario, you'd be requiring users to upload invoices after their requests have already been approved by a group or team admin. The setting should look as follows (additionally, you can set an approval threshold):

Scenario #6: Ad-Hoc budgets
If you choose this option, your employees will have the freedom to request any learning resource they wish, with no budget limitations. In this case, all requests will require admin approval. You'll find the option under the "Spending & currency" section of your group Settings > General:

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