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Here in Sunlight, we’ve decided to make your life and learning easier! That’s why we want to present our feature “One card per user”. It means you'll be assigned the same card number for all of your Sunlight requests. This will help you save time when purchasing resources from your favorite learning provider.

We value your time.

The biggest advantage is that you’ll not have to add multiple card numbers to purchase your resources on the provider's website any longer, instead, you’ll be able to go to checkout on the provider’s page and pay with the same card every time.

We'll still encourage you to place requests individually on the Sunlight platform; please keep in mind that even if your card will always be the same, you still need to create the request on Sunlight and wait for it to be approved, so our system can load the requested amount to your card.

Amazon purchases

If you want to do a purchase on Amazon, now it will be easier! Just create on Sunlight a request for your book or resource, then go to Amazon, add your resource to the shopping cart, and enter the Sunlight card details at checkout. Just like you’d do with any regular card.

Since you'll be assigned the same card number for all of your Sunlight requests, you can go to “Your account” on Amazon, click on “Your payments” and follow the instructions so you can add your Sunlight card as a new payment method.

So now, you can go ahead and try purchasing something new! Whether it's a book on Amazon or an online course on another provider, we'll assign you a card number that will be exclusive to you from now on. And no worries! The order process is still just exactly as you know it :)

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