How Refunds Work

So… Your provider cancelled your order and they’ll issue a refund? Let’s see how this works!

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It might happen that your provider cancelled your order, or your product came defectuous or the event you were going got cancelled, in any of these cases you can ask for a refund to the provider which charged your card. If the provider agrees to return your funds, these will most likely come back to the card you used to pay.

So what can you do in these cases? We recommend following these next steps:

1- Contact your provider.

If you have not done it yet, you should contact the provider that charged your card, they’ll let you know if they can refund your card and how much time it will take them to process this transaction. Take into consideration that these kinds of transactions might take some time to be completed, and it depends entirely on the banks involved.

2- Contact our Customer Support team.

If the provider has accepted to issue your refund, you must contact one of our customer support representatives via our live chat or our email at Our team must be aware of this so that, when your funds return to your card, they can manually allocate them back to your wallet.

3- Wait for your email.

Our team will monitor your card daily, and as soon as your refund is processed we’ll allocate the funds on your wallet, and we’ll send you an email to notify you. If for some reason your refund takes more than usual, we will send you updates about it; in this second scenario you’d probably have to contact your provider again to check that everything is alright.

After a refund has been completed, your request will look like this:

And that’s it, after you have your funds on your wallet you’ll be able to use them again in any other request!

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