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Learn all about the Billing section and how it gives you all the information you need to keep your accounting up to date.
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We know that dealing with numbers and money can be a bit challenging, that's why we at Sunlight decided to have a place where you and your finance team can have everything you need from your company's Sunlight account: the Billing section.

In order to access the billing of your company, simply go to your company’s profile from the left-side menu and click on the "Billing" tab.

Inside you'll have access to: your payment methods and company wallet, all transactions made with that wallet, all requests made by the members of your group, all transactions made with the card (if you have one registered in the account), a full monthly record of your company’s purchases, SAAS invoices and top up invoices. To gain a better understanding, let us break these down:

Payment Methods

We’re starting with the first tab on the left called “Payment Methods”. In here, you'll find:

  • Your company wallet: it is used to cover the cost of your employees’ requests and you can top it up with a credit card or via bank transfer, for this check out our article “Company Wallet Top-Ups.”

  • Company card: registering a card to the account is an additional step; however, if you add it, it'll be used to pay for our Sunlight service fee and, if you want, to cover the cost of requests.

To learn more about this section, please visit our article “Setting Up Your Payment Method”.

Wallet Transactions

Next, we’ll continue with the tab of “Wallet Transactions”. In here you'll be able to see all the transactions associated with your company’s wallet, which means that every top-up, refund, withdrawal, transfer and payment covered by this wallet will appear in this segment.

If you wish to download these, you can do so by clicking on the button next to the search box that reads “Export CSV”. You'll then receive an email with a temporary link that will open the corresponding document.


Then comes the tab of “Requests”. This is where you'll find all requests placed by the members of your company. When we say all, we are referring to every single request no matter what their current status is: “Completed”, “Payment method issued”, “Canceled” or “Refunded”.

You'll notice several columns that will give you all the basic information about requests, such as the invoices for the purchases made by users (for more information about these types of invoices, please check our article “Invoices for Sunlight purchases”). Nonetheless, you can discover more about them if you click on “Export CSV.” The exported document will show a greater in-depth data about the transactions of requests, which we believe is very useful when it comes to reconciliations, for example: the final price paid by the user, credit card charges, wallet debits, amounts returned to the wallet. To see this information in detail, please go to our article “Tracking your employees’ expenses”.

Card Charges

After, we have the tab of “Card Charges”. This section shows all charges made to your company’s card, such as: the payment of your Sunlight subscription and top-ups made to the company wallet.

Now, remember the option of “Use company card in user requests” that is in the section of “Payment methods”? If you have this toggle button on, all charges made to cover the cost of a request will appear here, as well if there are any price increases in a request.

Just like in the case of “Wallet transactions” and “Requests”, you are free to download the section of “Card charges” by clicking on the button that reads “Export as a CSV.”

Expense Summaries

Following, we have the tab of “Expense Summaries”. This is a detailed list of all the requests that have been completed within the month.

You can open the summary and print or download it as a PDF file at any time. From this summary, you can access all the requests from the month for further review.

SAAS Invoices

The tab of “SAAS Invoices” comes next. It’s the monthly invoice for using Sunlight, it shows the detailed description of how much you are paying per user for our services. To view it, scroll to the right and click on “View Invoice”.

They become available at the end of each month of service, and you can view them and print them or save as a PDF file at any time.

Top Up Invoices

Finally, the last tab is “Top Up Invoices”. This one shows the transactions made to top up your company’s wallet, which were either made with a credit card or via bank transfer.

In the case of bank transfers, after starting the process on Sunlight and making the bank transaction, you’ll see that you need to confirm the corresponding top-up in this tab which is in the status “Pending”. Once you confirm it, we’ll complete it and the status will change to “Paid”. In the case of credit cards, you’d only need to do the process in the “Payment Methods” tab. To learn the details about these procedures, please check our article “Company Wallet Top-Ups.”

Once your company wallet is topped up, you can check out the invoice by scrolling to the right and clicking on “View Invoice”, just like in the case of SAAS Invoices. In the same way, when you view them, you can print them or save as a PDF file at any time.

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