Adding and Removing Members on Sunlight

Learn our easy peasy way of adding and removing members on our platform.

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Are you new on Sunlight and you want to add members to your company's group? Has your company been hiring new employees and you want to add them to our platform? Do you wish to remove a member from your company? Just follow these simply steps:

How to add members on Sunlight?

1. Go to your company’s profile and click on the “Members” tab

Just click on the profile image of your company that’s at the end of the sidebar. When your company’s profile page opens, go to the left-side menu, scroll down to “Settings” and click on the “Members” tab.

2. Click on “Add new”

Right before the list of your members, you’ll see the search box. On the right side of this box, click on the green button named “Add new”.

3. Type the email of the member you want to add

A modal will pop up for you to type the email of the user you want to add to your company. When you finish typing, a box will appear with a green button that reads “Add.”

4. Click on “Add Users”

As a final step, just click on “Add Users.” This will automatically send an invitation via email to the user so that they join your company on Sunlight. Once they’re added, you can go ahead and assign their budget and modify their permissions.

How to remove members on Sunlight?

1. Go to your company’s profile and click on the “Members” tab

Follow step one of "How to add members on Sunlight."

2. Search for the member you want to remove

Use the search box that is located above the list of members to type the name of the user you want to remove

3. Click on “Actions” and then on “Remove”

On the right side of the search box and next to the “Add new” button, there’s an “Actions” button. Click there and then on “Remove.”

4. Select the user and click on Remove

A checkbox will appear on the left side of the user’s name, select it and finally, click on “Remove.”

Another alternative for removing a user:

1. Open the user’s management modal

Once you’re located on the “Members” tab of your company’s profile, search the user you want to remove and click on their profile image. This will open the user’s management modal

2. Click on “Remove User”

In the modal, the only thing you need to do is go to the left side and click on “Remove User”, another small modal from your browser will pop up to confirm the removal and that’s it!

To answer a few questions you might have:

Can I add or remove several users at the same time?

In terms of adding members you can definitely add multiple users at the same time. When you type the email of the employee, click on “Add” and then, type another employee’s email, click on “Add” again and continue doing so until you type several. This will create a list on the modal and when you finish, you just have to click on “Add Users.”

Now, for the time being, this does not happen when you try to remove members. Meaning that you can only remove one at a time.

As an admin, if I want to remove a user, can I delete their Sunlight account?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this as we consider a user’s account personal and private and, even though there's an option to delete the account from the profile page, the only person authorized to do this is the owner of that account. For this reason, we recommend just removing the user from the company on Sunlight so that his account gets detached from the company wallet.

What happens with the budget of a user that’s removed?

If you want to remove a user and they still have budget left, there’s no need to worry because once they’re removed from the company on Sunlight, their budget is deleted automatically and nothing will be connected to the group.

What happens with the open requests of a user that’s removed?

If a user has requests waiting to be approved or in a “payment issued” status, these requests will be deleted once the user is removed from the company.

What happens if I do not type the email of the user correctly?

We all make mistakes right? But do not worry, this is not the end of the world. If you do not type the email of a user correctly after you type it on the modal (on step 3), you can proceed to click on the “Remove” button that’s next to the email and type it again.

If you end up adding the incorrect email, chances are that the employee does not receive the invitation email, so you can proceed to remove them by following the steps described on “How to remove members on Sunlight” and then, add them again and usual.

What if I’m just starting my account on Sunlight and want to add all the employees of my company?

Currently, for this type of cases, it’d be best to contact us via chat or via email (, we’ll gladly help you or we’ll put you in contact with one of our Customer Success representatives so that they can take care of this and guide you in your onboarding process.

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us at

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