Uploading an invoice

You have used your card, bought your resource and are all ready to start enjoying your purchase.  However, there is still one tiny step you can take, to make sure everything is orderly and all things are kept in one place.  What is this step? Upload your invoice to your request.  

How to do this, you may wonder. Well, it is as simple as going to your request on Sunlight and clicking on the "Upload Invoice" button which you can see below where the card used to be:

Viewing all your orders that are missing an invoice

Now, you may not have done this in the past and we know it can be cumbersome to try to find the requests which are missing invoices. So while they are not yet compulsory on the platform, you can check both as a user and as an admin which requests are missing invoices so that your group members may add them.  

1. As a user

As a user, you can find your requests which are missing invoices by going to your profile, opening your requests and going to the "Needs Invoice" tab.  You will get the list of all the requests which are missing an invoice and you will be able to add each to their respective request.

It may be possible that your company enabled the option of enforcing mandatory invoice upload. If this is the case, it is important to upload the invoices to your requests, otherwise, your wallet will get blocked and when you try to create a new request, the following message will appear: 

2. As an admin, viewing all your orders in a group that are missing an invoice.

As an admin, if you go to the billing section of your company's profile, you can monitor this as well. Once in billing, you want to click on "Requests", where you will find a table with all the requests from your group. There, you will be able to see which ones have invoices and download them directly.

Please note that we do not have access to the invoices of resources we do not buy, unless the user uploads them to their request.

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