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Upload invoices to your request to make sure everything is as it should be.

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You have used your card, bought your resource and are all ready to start enjoying your purchase. However, there is still one tiny step you must take to make sure everything is orderly and all things are kept in one place. What is this step? Uploading your invoice to your request.

What is an invoice and where do I find it?

Invoices are provided by the website where you purchased your resource. These are simply proof of payments, which usually include the name of your resource, the price (including taxes), the date of purchase and the provider’s name.

If the provider does not email you with your invoice, you can find it on the personal account you created on their website, under your order details or purchase history.

Please bear in mind that order details, order confirmations, or order summaries, are not considered invoices.

Here are some examples of proper invoices:

Checking requests needing an invoice

Given that uploading an invoice is mandatory, you’ll be required to upload the invoice of your purchase on your Sunlight request, otherwise your wallet will be locked until it is uploaded. This means that you will not be able to request any resource because all the "Request" buttons will be disabled, the multicolored icon on the sidebar will be replaced with a “Wallet is locked” message and/or you’ll see the following message if you try to create a new request:

But fear not! By clicking on “Click Here” on that message, you are able to see your pending requests.

Furthermore if you go to your homepage, you’ll see a link under your “To do.” and another link under “Hi (your name)”.

How to upload your invoice

Once you know which request needs an invoice, the rest is as simple as going to your request on Sunlight and clicking on the "Upload Invoice" button which you can see below where the card used to be. Please make sure to upload it as a pdf file or as a jpeg/jpg file.

Viewing all users’ invoices as an Admin

As an admin, if you go to the billing section of your company's profile, you can monitor this as well. Once in Billing, you want to click on "Requests", where you’ll find a table with all the requests from your group. There, you’ll be able to see which ones have invoices and download them directly.

If you want to learn more about our Billing section, please read our article “Billing Overview.”

To answer a few questions you might have:

I already purchased my resource but my request is not completed yet, how do I upload the invoice then?

Our system may take a while to process card transactions, hence why it might take a while for your request to be completed. Nonetheless, we encourage you to still upload the invoice as you will notice the button of “Upload an invoice” available on your request.

Is uploading an invoice a mandatory requirement?

Yes, all Sunlight users (admins, managers, and employees in general) are required to upload their invoices to their requests.

Why is it necessary to upload invoices?

Uploading your invoices is important because it will help you gain a vote of confidence in your company by building transparency around your learning and/or wellbeing expenses.

Additionally, it helps support your company’s accounting efforts, which translates into more accurate request status and reports, and to reclaim VAT on learning expenses made by you and your colleagues. If there are no invoices uploaded, your account will be locked and you will be unable to make any more purchases.

Are there other ways to find your pending requests?

Of course there are! You can go to “Requests” on the left-side menu, then click on the tab “Needs invoice”:

Also, you can go to your profile, click on “Requests” and then go to the “Needs invoice” tab:

To have an overview of this process, please check our video below:

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us at

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