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Find where to change your personal details

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Changing basic information about yourself is very easy. All you have to do is go to your personal settings and complete the corresponding fields.

1. Open your account menu

On the sidebar, click on your profile image at the top left corner to open your account menu.

2. Click on "Settings"

Once you click on “Settings”, you’ll see all the fields you can complete. 

3. Fill in the details you want to add or change

In here, you’ll be able to add or change your name, email address, language, profile image, phone number, your default currency, among other details. You just need to type the corresponding information and click on “Submit”

In relation to your phone number, be aware that it must be added and updated, so we can comply with 3D secure regulations whenever using a Sunlight card.

In the case of the address, it’s important to know that we use Google Maps' API to prefill information, so if you'd like to fill in these boxes, simply type in your street address and choose the correct complete address from the dropdown.

4. Et voilà!

Adding or editing your details will personalize your profile and make your Sunlight and learning experience even more fun!

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