Setting Up Your Payment Method

Learn about your company’s payment method and what you need to do so that your employees can start using their Sunlight!

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Why do you need a payment method?

Adding a payment method to your company’s profile allows your employees to purchase learning resources on Sunlight. Even if you assign a budget to each member, they’ll not be able to use it until there are funds available in your account. To explain you a little, there are two ways to cover the requests of your employees: by using the company wallet or by using the company card.

Let’s learn more about this…

First, you need to go to your company’s profile and then, click on the “Billing” tab, which will directly open the “Payment Method” section.

In here, you’ll find:

Your company wallet

This is where the funds to cover your employee’s requests could come from (unless you have a company card registered and authorized to cover users’ requests). So, whenever one of the members of your company decides to create a request, the funds are taken from this wallet.

Funds on the company wallet are divided into three: a) the total balance, which is the sum of the locked funds and the available balance; b) the locked funds, which are the funds that are already allocated to Sunlight requests (these requests are in the status “Payment method issued”); c) the available balance, which is the amount that is free and ready to be used for other requests.

In order to have funds that cover your employees’ requests, you need to top up your company wallet by clicking on either “Top up with a credit card” or “Top up via bank transfer”. To know more about, check out our article “Company Wallet Top-Ups.”

Company Card

Here's where your company card is registered to pay for our Sunlight service fees and to pay for your employee’s requests (this last function is optional). To register a card, scroll down to the “Company card” section and click on “Add card”.

If you wish to use the card to cover requests, all you need to do is enable the option “Use company card in user requests”, you’ll notice that the toggle button changes to green. If you no longer want this option, you can disable the toggle button whenever you want.

Additionally, if you do not wish to have a card registered in your account, you can delete it by clicking on “Remove card”

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