Managing Your User's Details

Learn to navigate our user management modal to ensure your users' details are always kept up to date!

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Keeping track of your users and ensuring all their details are up to date can be a challenge we want to ensure you never have to face. Our user management modal is one that will ensure you can access all of your users' details so you can find everything you need in one place.

How do you access it?

To access the user management modal, you need to go to the members' tab of your company and click next to a user's name. From there, you'll be able to see and edit the details.

Adding or editing the budget

To add or edit a user's budget, you open the user's management modal, which will take you directly to the "Budget" tab. From there, you simply click on the budget bar, type in the amount and click "Save".

Adding or editing skillsets and skills

To add or edit a user's skillsets or skills, you open the user's management modal and go to the "Skillsets & Skills" tab. From there, you can add or remove any skillsets or additional skills you'd like. Please note that to add a skillset you need to already have created it on your company's account. Additionally, you can add individual skills that are not included in the skillset you've selected to personalize the user's experience even further. When you're done editing, make sure you click on "Save"!

Special permissions or admin rights

Every member within an organization has a role. Some of these roles need special permissions or rights when it comes to the management of a platform like Sunlight. To edit or give a special permission to a user, open the user management modal and go to the "Permissions" tab. Just switch on/off the ones you'd like to give to/remove from that particular user and that should be all. To find out more about admin rights and how the work, please visit our article "Permissions and How They Work."


There are two things you can do here: see which cohorts a member belongs to and add/remove members. To do any of these you simply have to open the user management modal and go to the "Cohorts" tab.

From there you'll be able to see every cohort of which that user is a member and if you wish to remove them from any, simply hover your mouse over the cohort’s name and click on the red button that reads “Remove.”

Along with this, if you scroll down in this tab, you’ll be able to add that member to another cohort. All you need to do is search for the name of the cohort, hover your mouse over the name and click on the green button that reads “Add.”

To answer a few questions you might have:

Who has access to this feature?

We understand the information shown on this modal can be confidential. For this reason only users with access to the members' tab can access the modal.

Additionally, the tabs they see will depend on the user's permissions. Company admins will be able to see everything, while users with less rights will only be able to see the tabs which concern them.

Is there a way to switch from user to user on the modal?

To access a different user's details, you'll need to exit the modal you're currently working on and select the next. These are important details and allowing for users to edit without selecting the user but simply by changing from user to user could lead to human error we'd like to help avoid. We'll take it into consideration for future improvements of this feature.

Have any questions or comments?

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