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Need to change your company’s name? Address? Logo? Learn here how to do it and how to manage your company’s settings :)

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To access your company’s settings, first you’d need to click on your company’s logo on the left side menu, then click on the “General” tab, right under “Settings”. Please keep in mind that only company admins have access to see and modify this information.

Basic Info

Once in your company’s general settings, you’ll see in first place your company’s basic information. Here you'll be able to see and change your company’s name, logo, banner and short description.

Billing Details

Here on “Billing name” you’ll be asked to add your company’s legal name which will be used on your Sunlight invoices for our services. In “Cardholder’s name”, you can add a custom name that will appear on the virtual cards used by your employees, if you don’t add any, then your cardholder’s name will be by default “Sunlight.”

Company address

In this section you'll be able to add your company’s address. In the case of the address, it’s important to know that we use Google Maps' API to prefill information, so if you'd like, simply type in your street address and choose the correct complete address from the dropdown.

Billing Address

If you want to add a billing address, so that is reflected in your employees' Sunlight cards, and in your invoices for our services, then please visit the section “Billing address” in our left side menu.

Spending and Currency

Here you can set and modify your spending controls. There’s a variety of ways to use these features. For example, you can enable the option to require admin approval for all requests, make your employees’ budgets ad-hoc, enforce mandatory invoice upload, and set a default budget for all your employees. To learn more about this, please visit our article “Your Spending Controls”.

Notifications and Emails

In this section you can turn on or off the notifications we sent regarding your company’s updates. There are three main notifications that you can enable here:

Show purchases in company feed

You can decide whether to show your employees’ purchases in the Company’s feed or not. If you enable this option, the purchases will appear in the company’s activity section.

Show purchases in Slack feed

Just as the option before this one, you can decide if you’d like to show your employees’ purchases in the Company’s slack feed.

Send notification when company balance is low

If you've decided to use your company’s wallet within Sunlight to create requests, then we can send you a notification to remind you that your balance is low and that you have to top up your wallet. Here you can also decide the low balance threshold. This setting is not needed if your company has a card linked to Sunlight to use for your employees’ requests. To have more information regarding payment options, please read our article “Setting Up Your Payment Method”.

Delete and Close company

Finally, here you can delete and close your company; nonetheless, please make sure to contact our Customer Support team before closing your account. Of course we do not want to see you go, but we'll make sure to empty your wallet and to tie up any loose ends.

Have any questions or comments?

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