Buying something on Sunlight is very simple. You just have to follow the steps listed below and sooner than you realise, you'll have your course or event booked, or your book on its way to you!

First, you need to find what you want to learn. You can browse for inspiration by entering keywords on the top search bar on our website to search through several resources that we have ready and available for you.  If you find something that catches your attention, you can buy it directly by clicking on the "Request Now" button.  

A menu will display, where you will be able to review all the details and edit if necessary (as there may be a difference in price).

As is the case with nearly everything nowadays, new learning resources are created every day. This is why it may happen that you can't find the resource you desire. If this is the case, do not fret! All you need to do is click on the "New Request" button in our Homepage to create an order for a resource we don't yet have available.

It may happen that the resource already exists somewhere in our database or that it is from a known provider, in which case most details will be filled automatically. You would then only need to check that all the details are accurate before proceeding. If not, you will be asked to fill in a few details for the resource, and you may be asked to specify a delivery address if your order is for a book. Once you've done that, click on "Next" to select where the payment is coming from:

A new order will be created as soon as you click on "Next" again. Once your order is created, it may need to be sent to your managers for approval (depending on the settings the group you belong to decided to use). Once it's gone through all the  necessary approvals, you will find that a card will be made available for you to complete your purchase.

Once you have successfully used your card, your order will be automatically completed and all will be done :) 

In the particular case of Amazon orders, the Sunlight team will complete your order for you on Amazon, and provide a proof of purchase that you'll be able to find on the Request page. After placing an Amazon order, you will simply need to wait for your physical book or your Amazon gift card to arrive (the latter in the case of Kindle orders).

What if I've placed a request but haven't received my product yet?
Product delivery times may vary according to the provider, but you can always write to us regarding the status of your products at or through the Concierge feature via the button on the bottom right corner of your Sunlight account.

If the problem is on the provider's end, we will do our best to contact them and find out the reason for the issue, and even request a reimbursement or return of the product, if need be.

Our Sunlight team is always available to answer your questions and receive your comments or suggestions, so feel free to contact us anytime through the channels mentioned above.

Thank you for using Sunlight!

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