Skillsets and how they work

Learn how to assign skillsets to your employees, and help them boost their learning!

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Skillsets are basically roles each employee plays in your company with the skills you want them to have, learn or improve. You can create skillsets and add it to your employees’ profiles so that Sunlight can actively recommend them corresponding resources.

To access your company’s skillsets, you’d need to go to your company’s profile on the left side menu and click on the “Skillsets” button, right on the “settings” section.

Creating skillsets

In order to do this, click on the green “Add new” button, a modal will appear where you can add the name, image and skills related to your skillset. For example, you could create a skillset called “Human Resources” and add skills such as: employee relations, onboarding, performance management, teamwork and project management.

After you’ve created your skillsets, you can change the skills, name, and image at any given time.

Adding skillsets to your employees

After you’ve created enough skillsets, you can add them to your employees’ profiles. To do this, you need to go to the members' tab of your company and click next to a user's name. From there, you'll be able to see and edit their skillset.

Take into account that to add a skillset you need to have already created it on your company's account, just like it was mentioned above. Additionally, you can add individual skills that are not included in the skillset you've selected to personalize the user's experience even further. To learn more about this, please visit our article “Managing your user’s details”

Seeing your own skillsets

Users will be able to see their skillsets on their own profiles. They just need to click on their profile photo on the left side menu, then click on “your profile” and go to the “Skillsets & Interests” tab.

There they’ll see the skillset their company admin has assigned for them. They cannot change this, but there is an additional section where they can add extra skills or subjects they are interested in. To see this in more detail, please read our article “Your profile settings."

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