We are constantly working on developing new features that will hopefully make the Sunlight experience even better for your company.

You can use our Cohorts feature to reorganize your group in order to reflect your company's organizational structure in real life as closely as possible.

To access your Cohort settings, please visit your group page and locate the tab labeled "Cohorts":

Cohorts and Cohort Types

Cohort types are simply labels for your Cohorts. You can create as many cohort types as you'd wish and the names can be completely personalized: Team, Cost Center, Office, Region… whatever you decide best fits your organizational structure.

By default, you'll have a Cohort Type labeled "Manager". Manager cohort types will require a user to be assigned as the manager of that Cohort. This manager cannot be changed once assigned and Manager cohort types cannot have multiple managers.

You will also see a default Cohort already in place, labeled "All", which includes every single member of your group.


If you're a group admin, you will be able to grant certain users two types of special permissions over any given Cohort:

  1. Permission to approve orders: The user will be able to approve orders placed by other members of the Cohort. 
  2. Permission to manage members: The user will be able to add and remove users within the Cohort.

Filtering company activity by Cohort

With Cohorts, it is now easier to sort through your group's activity on Sunlight.
Various sections within the group page (“Activity”, “Members”, “Analytics”, “Reports”) will now have a filter bar where you can select a specific Cohort as a filter for user activity on Sunlight.

Note: Admins will be given full access, but regular users will have to be members of a Cohort to access its information via these filter bars.

Will this affect our current company structure setup?

  1. Our Teams feature will cease to exist and will be replaced by Cohorts. But no worries! If you had teams set up for your company, you will notice a cohort type called “Team”, and all your teams are now Cohorts.
  2. The figure of the team admin will disappear. Users who used to be team admins now have permission to approve orders for members in their cohort (see 3. above) by default, but they do not have permission to manage members (this permission will need to be assigned manually if needed).
  3. In your Member settings, you will notice two new permissions: 
  • “Permission to access Analytics and Reports”: When granted, non-admin users will be given access to their Cohort’s analytics and reports.
  • “Permission to Access Cohorts”: When granted, non-admin users will be able to add and edit all Cohorts and add new Cohort Types.

How can I create new Cohorts for my group? Please click here for step-by-step instructions :)

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