To locate your cohort settings, please go to your group page and click on the Cohorts tab. Please mind that the Cohorts section will only be available if you are a group admin or if you were given special permissions by your group admin to manage Cohorts.

Adding a New Cohort

1-. Click on the button labeled "+ Add a new cohort"

2. Type in the name of your cohort; for example, "Engineering". Then select a Cohort Type from the list below. Cohort Types should reflect your company structure, so you are free to personalize them as you wish. To create a new Cohort Type, simply type it in the space signaled below and select it once you're done.

3.  Finally, finish the process by clicking the Save button.

Adding and Removing Members to your Cohorts

  1. Click on a cohort and click on the Members tab
  2. Start typing names of the members of your Cohort
  3. Tick their names to automatically add them to the Cohort

Setting Up Permissions for your Cohorts

  1. Click on a cohort and click on the Permissions tab
  2. You can grant two types or permissions: a) Permission to approve orders: The user will be able to approve orders placed by other members of the Cohort. b) Permission to manage members: The user will be able to add and remove users within the Cohort.
  3. Simply type in the name or email of the person you'd like to grant special permissions to. Then click on their names so they appear under the corresponding permission.

Setting Up Slack Channels for your Cohorts

  1. Click on a cohort and click on the Slack setup tab
  2. You must have our Slack integration already in place. If so, you should see a list of your Slack channels available. Simply select the one where you'd like to receive notifications about activity of this Cohort's members.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us :)

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