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That management book looks great, right? And what about that JavaScript online course? Awesome! So, what do I do next?

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Maybe you’re interested in that leadership book or you definitely want to buy that news subscription. Do not know what you want yet? There’s no need to worry, I bet our “Search Any Resource on Sunlight” will help.

Aha! Once you find something awesome in Sunlight and click on the resource, let’s have a look at what you can see and do:

View all the basic details of the resource

When you click on the resource, we’ll take you to its page in which you’ll see details like: what type of resource it is, who’s the provider, what’s the name of the resource, what it is about, what are the reviews and other resources similar to it.

A key piece of information is the price of the resource, you’ll see it right under the name and in green. You’ll notice that it says “Last seen at …” Why is this? As you may already know, you can have access to any resource from any provider in the world; however, all of these providers are in charge of their own prices, which depend on the country and region, therefore, we cannot control them.

All of this means that our prices are referential, what you see was the last price in which that resource was last bought. For this reason, we always encourage you to check the provider’s website and edit the price and currency when you’re making your request so that everything matches, and you can successfully pay for the resource.

Have access to the provider’s website

Since it’s important to check the provider’s website, we’ve given you the possibility to go there in one click with the “View more” button.

By having access to the provider’s website, you’ll have access to even more details about the resource: reviews, the actual price, ratings, availability, and much more.

Request the resource

Now that you’re completely sure that you want to buy a resource, you can go ahead and request it on Sunlight. Simply click on the green “Request” button that’s under the price. A modal will pop up on the left with a form that you have to complete with the details of the resource: if it’s a subscription, if you’d like your request to be private, the currency and price you’ll pay, and from what wallet are you paying. To learn more about how to request a resource on Sunlight, check out our article “How To Create a Request.

Like, share, add to a playlist or mark as unavailable

Let’s say you found an interesting resource but, you don’t want to purchase it yet. If you click on the “More actions” button, you’ll have several options:

  • The “Like” button: this is a great option for when a resource catches your eye and you want to save it somewhere so that you can check it out later. When you click on this button, all your liked resources will be saved in a playlist called “Things you’ve liked.”

  • The “Share” button: maybe you found something that you think a colleague of yours will really benefit from; if so, go ahead and share it with that person by clicking on this button. Learn more about this in our article “Share Anything.”

  • The “Add to playlist” button: this is a very easy way to add resources to a playlist you’re creating. Just click on the button and choose the playlist you’d like to add this resource to.

  • The “Mark as unavailable” button: Sunlight holds over 40000 resources and sometimes, we cannot control if a resource is not available anymore. That’s why with this button, we’re giving you the opportunity to help us mark the resource as unavailable so that it’s not displayed anymore on our platform.

Add a review

Upon purchasing a resource with Sunlight, we encourage you to leave a review on the page. Just click on the “Add a review” button that’s right under the description, this will open a modal that will allow you to rate the resource with stars (five stars being the best) and leave your thoughts.

When your review is finished, click on “Accept” and it will be saved and published on the resource’s page.

Very easy, right? We now encourage you to enter a world of possibilities through Sunlight.

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