Bulk Manage Your Members on Sunlight With Sunrise

Learn how to upload or modify your employees details in bulk while using our Sunrise tool!

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Managing company members one by one can seem daunting. To aid with this, you can make use of our tool named Sunrise, which helps you not only upload and set up the account of new members, but also update the details of existing members in bulk.

While on your members page, you’ll see the option at the top of the page that takes you to the Sunrise tool.

Once on Sunrise, you’ll be presented with two tabs.

In “Upload Members”, you’ll have the option of uploading a CSV form with all the details you wish to add or edit.

In “Upload History”, you’ll be able to check any previous uploads or modifications made.

At the bottom right of the “Upload members” panel, you can click on two options:

  1. “Click here to download a member form template” allows you to download the template necessary for Sunrise to add new members or edit the information of current members.

  2. “How to fill out the member form?” This option will link you to this help center article on how to use the Sunrise tool and how to fill out the member form with specific parameters. If this is your first time using our Sunrise feature, we strongly recommend checking out this option first!

Let’s now take a closer look at the CSV form you’ll be using and the details needed for each column:

The template has the following sections: Name, Cohort, Email Address, Manager Email Address, Skillset, and Budget.


In this section, simply input the name of the members you wish to add or edit on Sunrise. This is a mandatory field and cannot be left blank, as shown in the following example:


In this section, you can indicate to which Cohort each member is going to be assigned to. Type the name of the cohort in the cell. If you want to add a member to different cohorts, you can separate each cohort using a double colon (::)

Cohort types

Cohort types are simply labels for your Cohorts.

In Sunlight, you'll have three Cohort types by default, one labeled “Cohort”, one labeled "Manager", and one as “Team”. But you can create as many Cohort types as you wish, such as Cost Center, Office, Region, and their names can be completely personalized.

For more information about Cohorts, please check out our guide on Setting up your Cohorts.

When using Sunrise, the system will create cohorts labeled “Cohort” by default, but if you want to personalize your company Cohorts Type; just follow the next example:

Write the name of the cohort, add a Colon (:) and the Cohort type of your preference; like this: Cohort_name:type_cohort





You can leave empty cells in this section. If the system detects an empty cell, it means that the user’s cohort won’t be changed, or they won´t be assigned to any.

Email Address

This section only accepts email addresses as part of the field. Make sure to only type text in the email format. Once your CSV upload is complete, new members will receive an invitation to join Sunlight automatically! If you wish to edit any details of existing members, their email addresses should be the same as the ones that are on Sunlight.

As with the Name column, this section is also mandatory and does not accept empty cells.

Manager Email Address

These cells allow you to assign new managers to your company's members or change their current ones.

Type the manager's email address in the cell. If you want to assign several managers to a user, you can separate each manager's email address using a double colon (::) symbol.

Empty cells are accepted. If the system detects an empty cell, it means that the user’s manager won’t be changed, or they won´t be assigned any.

You can see this in action in the following example:


In this section, you can assign your company members new or existing skill sets.

Type the name of the skillset in the cell. If you want to assign different skill sets to a member, you can separate each one using a (::) symbol, as seen in the example below. If you do not wish to assign any skill set to members, simply leave the field open, as this is not a mandatory field.

If you wish to learn more about skillsets and the different options related to this feature, please check out our article Skillsets and how they work.


This section will determine how many budget users have available inside Sunlight. Be aware that the cells of this section only accept numbers and periods or full stops (.) if you want to add decimals to the amount.

If you wish to leave an empty cell, this will ensure that the budget won’t be changed for the existing user and that new users will be added with zero budget.

Here are some examples of how budgets should be introduced in this column:

Once the template is filled, all that’s left is to upload it to Sunrise! Simply select or drag your .csv or .xlsx file to the upload section:

Following your upload, you’ll be presented with your changes; please click on the “Continue” button if you agree with all the changes or “Cancel” if you do not agree with the changes.

If there are any errors on your sheet, the system will indicate this while highlighting the problematic area under red:

If you have clicked on “Continue” after agreeing with the changes, you’re done! Your settings will be reflected on the members page after a few minutes, and if any users are new to the platform, they’ll receive their sign-up emails accordingly.

Have any questions or comments?

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