Making someone an admin of a group or team gives them permission to access anything inside of the group or team they are admins of. However, there are important differences between the rights of a group admin against the rights of a team admin.  Let’s break them down:

Team admins

A team admin is a member of a team who has been given admin rights.  These rights grant the person the ability to edit the team’s settings, playlists, see the analytics, add or remove members and approve or cancel requests made by the members of their teams.

Because a team is dependent of a group, it does not have a billing section.  The billing and everything related to that is part of the mother group. Therefore, team admins do not have the ability to edit their team’s budget, or access any other feature related to the groups’ finance.  

What can team admins approve?

When it comes to requests’ approvals, team admins can approve the requests of every member of their team.  If they are admins of more than one team, they will receive the requests of all the members of the teams where they are admins. 

A common question is: would a team admin receive requests from the whole group The answer is no, they will not.  They will only receive the requests from those teams where they are admins.  Furthermore, it could happen that one team has more than one admin member.  If this is the case, all team admins will receive all the requests from the team for approval.  

Group admins

Now comes the time to discuss group admins.  A group admin has more rights than a team admin, simply because they are in charge of the whole group instead of a small part of it.  They have the ability to edit the group’s settings, playlists, members and their budget, see the analytics and approve or cancel requests.  Group admins have all the rights a team admin does, but on a higher level, because their access is not limited to a team.  

What can group admins approve?

Group admins can approve their group's requests, as well as requests generated inside of teams. 

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