Sunlight Playlists for Collaborative Learning

Take the most out of playlists as manager or admin of your team!

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What are playlists?

Playlists are lists of resources that you can create to organize and personalize your Sunlight account however you like.

Playlists catered to your team

As a company, you are surely looking to keep the learning experience interactive and open between managers and their reports. Using Sunlight’s Playlists feature, you’ll be able to recommend and share learning resources directly with your team. These will only be viewable by the people within your team, and not by everyone in the company.

So, what do I need to do?

As an area manager, we would suggest that you to create three (3) playlists:

  • Your "Recommended reads": A list of books or articles you would want all members in your team to read

  • Your "Recommended upcoming events”: Events coming up in the next 6 months that people on your team may want to attend

  • A "Collaborated Learning" Playlist: Here, your team members will be able to add suggestions and recommendations for the rest of the team to see

If you have other topics you’d like to create playlists on, please knock yourself out! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Where can I find ideas for playlists?

  • View our collection of playlists put together by world-class leaders on their topics of expertise. Authors include Seth Godin, Alexis Ohanian, and many more!

  • Go ahead and type in some keywords on our search bar. You can filter results to show playlists only. If you find something you like, just hit the “Copy Playlist” button and then visit the playlist’s page to share it with the rest of the team.

All is good, but how do I create a playlist for my team in the first place?

1- First, log into Sunlight and click on "Playlists", then click on "New Playlist".

2- Visit the “Members” section within the playlist and click on “Add new”. Start typing the name of your team, i.e. “Engineering Team” and select it once you find it. Here you can change member permissions to “can read” or “can write”.

3- Finally, visit the “Settings” tab within the playlist and make sure the “Make this playlist public” option is turned off. This will ensure that no one else besides your team members can find the playlist.

Need more information?

If you want to learn more about creating and adding members to your playlists, please visit our article “Our Playlists”.

To read about other features such as liking, commenting or adding resources to playlists, then click on our article “Interacting with Playlists”.

Finally, if you are a manager and want to know how to create a private internal communication channel with your direct report through playlists, click on “Keep your Direct Reports Closer with Sunlight Playlists”

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us at

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