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Learn how to add resources to your own playlists or how to like, comment, share, copy and follow other users’ playlists.

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Playlists are a way to organize and share your learning with anyone you like. You can do all sorts of things with your playlists, like adding resources, following, copying and liking other playlists, and sharing and commenting. Here's how:

Adding resources to your playlists

Add resources already in Sunlight

To start adding resources to your playlists, you can use the search bar at the very top of the page to browse. Simply enter the keywords on topics you might find interesting. We have thousands of resources available, so browse away! If you have doubts on how to search on Sunlight, please read our article “Search any resource on Sunlight”

Once you've found something you like, place your mouse above the resource image and click on the "..." sign that will appear, and then "Add to playlist."

You could also click on the resource to see it in more detail and then click on “More actions” and "Add to Playlist". From there, a new menu will appear, where you'll have to choose which one of your playlists you want the resource added to. You can create as many playlists, and add as many resources as you want.

You can also click on the “like” button, and the resource will be added to an automatically created playlist called “Things you’ve liked”.

Add resources from outside of Sunlight

You can always add any new resource you might find useful to any of your playlists. They can be articles, videos, documents, other playlists, and websites, as well as books, courses and events, even if they're completely free.

To create a new resource, just visit any of your playlists and then click on the "Add a resource" button. A menu will appear, and you'll have to follow a couple steps that include giving us the URL and the name of the resource you'd like to add, as well as what type of resource it is.

Sharing a Playlist

If you have a playlist or find one that you’re interested in, you can share it with another user, a team or your whole company.

You can do this by simply clicking on the “Share” button on the right top corner of any playlist. Here you’ll find options to share it via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn; however, if you want to share it through Sunlight then select the option “Share in app” and choose the person or team you want to share it with. When you do this, they will get a notification in Sunlight announcing that you recommended them a playlist.

Furthermore, if your company has a Slack channel integrated with Sunlight, a notification will be sent privately to the person you’ve chosen, or to the Sunlight channel if you decide to share it with the whole company.

Following and Copying on Playlists

When looking at playlists created by other people, they're also a great place to discover new resources. If you find some that you particularly like, you can follow them or make them your own. Here's how...

Following playlists

Following a playlists means the playlist will be added to your collection and will be available on your sidebar. You'll receive any updates made by it's owner, but you won't be able to edit it yourself. To follow a playlist simply go into the playlist page and click on the follow button.

Copying playlist

Copying a playlist is what it says on the tin. You'll simply create a copy of the playlist which will appear on your playlists list as one of your own, you'll then be able to edit as you wish. Do consider however, that you'll stop receiving updates from its original creator. To copy a playlist simply go to the playlist page, click on “...” , and then on the copy button.

Adding Comments to Playlists

This feature allows three basic actions:

1. Adding a comment to any resource that's been added to a playlist.

2. Editing your comments

3. Deleting your comments

To do this, simply go to the playlist you want to comment on, click on the “comment” button of the resource and type where it says “write a comment”. After you have uploaded a comment, you’ll be given the option to edit it or delete it.

Additionally, when paired up with our Slack integration, the feature will:

1. Send a notification whenever a resource has been added to a team playlist

2. Send a notification whenever a comment has been added to any resource within a team playlist. Said notification would look something like this:

Furthermore, it's important to clarify that these Slack notifications will only happen if Slack channels have been assigned to each Sunlight team. This can be configured directly on your group Settings > Integrations. Please refer to our article “Slack Integration” for step-by-step instructions on how to set this up properly.

We hope that this feature will prompt employees to start conversations around resources that they may find interesting, and encourage recommendations and feedback around their L&D experience.

Need more information?

To learn more about creating and sharing playlists please visit our article “Our Playlists”.

If you are a manager, a team admin or company admin and need more ideas on how to take the most out of playlists, please click on “Sunlight Playlists for Collaborative Learning”, “Keep your Direct Reports Closer with Sunlight Playlists” and “Playlists for EGR”.

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