What are playlists?

Playlists are lists that you can create to organize and personalize your Sunlight account however you like.

Why playlists?

Sunlight playlists can serve as a one-on-one learning environment for you and your direct report. Think of it as a DM chain in your favorite social network, but instead of sharing funny memes, you’ll be able to share learning resources with the person. This is a way of showing them you’re invested in their learning, without needing to spend a lot of time arranging everything. And best of all? Just like DMs, the exchange will be kept completely private between you and your direct report.

So, how do I set things up?

1. First, log into Sunlight and click on the "Playlists" button (8th button in our side menu), then click on "New Playlist".

2. Let's say you label the playlist “Building up Chelsea’s Leadership Skills”, just enter the name and click on "Create playlist".

3. Visit the “Members” section within the playlist and click on “Add new”.  

4. Start typing the name or email address of your direct report, in this case Chelsea, and select her from the list. 

5. Change her permissions to “can read”, which means she’ll be able to comment but not add or delete any learning resources to the playlist. These are your recommendations to her after all, right? But if you want, you can set her permissions to “can write”, so she can edit the playlist as she wants :) 

6. Visit the “Settings” tab within the playlist and make sure the “Make this playlist public” option is turned off. This will ensure your activity will be kept private.  

7. Finally, start adding resources on leadership. You can leave a comment on each one for Chelsea to know what to expect or why you think she should attend that course or read that book.

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