Everyone has topics they find interesting. Maybe you have a few books that you've always wanted to read, or some courses you want to enroll in but haven't had the time. On Sunlight, there's a way to easily access all your personal favorites: our Playlists feature.

What are playlists?

Playlists are lists each user can create in order to organize and personalize their Sunlight account however they like.

For example, you can create a playlist titled "Management Books," and browse through our marketplace to pick and choose which ones to add. Next time you log in to Sunlight, you'll have all your books one click away, thus saving you the time it would take you to search for them again, or place a new request entirely.

You can also share these playlists with friends and colleagues, collaborate on them, and much more!

How do I create a new playlist?

1. Click on "New playlist"

To create a new playlist, simply click on the "Playlists" button in our sidebar (8th button from top to bottom). From there, you'll see a "New Playlist" button on the bottom left corner of the page. A small menu should pop up on the left, asking you to enter a name for your playlist.

2. Set your privacy settings

From here you will also be able to decide your playlist's privacy settings. After picking a good name and setting your desired privacy settings, you're ready to click on "Create playlist".

Choosing a privacy setting

Playlists can be shared with as many or as few people as you choose. Here are your privacy options:

Make Public

Public playlists are viewable by anyone on Sunlight. If you've got a great list of learning resources you'd like to share with the world, this is a great way to go about it. Just click on the "Settings" tab on your playlist and turn on the option:

Sharing playlists with individuals or with your teams or group

You might want to share your playlists with specific groups of people: perhaps start a conversation with your direct report and make suggestions on skills they may be interested in developing, share learning resources with coworkers with similar interests, or share resources that you think would be interesting to your entire area team. Here's how you can do it:

a) Visit the “Members” section within the playlist and click on “Add new”.  

b) Start typing your company name to share the playlist with the entire group. You can also type in the name of your team or an individual colleague with whom you'd like to share your playlist. Select the name or names as you find them.

c) "Can read" or "Can write"? That is the question.

Via the "Members" tab on your playlist, you can also change member permissions to “can read”, which means everyone will be able to comment but not add or delete any resources to the playlist. Alternatively, selecting “can write” will mean that members can edit the playlist as they want.

d) Simply click on "Add members" to finalize the process once you're done selecting members and personalizing their permissions.

Copying and following playlists

Creating playlists isn't the only way of having them. You can also copy or follow playlists created by other Sunlight users. To do this simply find a playlist you like and click on either copy or follow.

Follow playlists

The playlist will be stored in your Playlist sidebar and always up to date to the changes made by its owner. You won't be able to add or remove resources from it. 

Copy playlists

It literally copies the playlist as it were your own. It will stop receiving updates by the original owner, but the good news is that you'll be able to edit and build it as you please.

Personalizing your playlist

You can personalize your playlists at any point by going to the "Settings" tab to change the name, description, picture, and background color.

Adding and removing resources

Now that you've successfully added your playlist, it's time to add some resources to it. That's the whole point, right? Learn how to add resources to your playlists.

And that's pretty much it! Now you know the basics of our playlists. 

Have any questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@sunlight.is or through the Concierge feature via the green button on the bottom right corner of your Sunlight page.

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