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Sunlight for Managers: Get Your Team Started
Sunlight for Managers: Get Your Team Started

Learn how to set your team and guide them through their learning journey!

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As a manager of your company you’ll be able to help your team to continue growing and learning. To know how to do it, let’s first take a look at the responsibilities you’ll have as a manager.

1. Approve or decline requests

Each time a user on your management line makes a request, you can decide whether to approve it or not. The decision is yours, but we advise you to talk with your company admin at the beginning, in case they have a company policy you must follow.

When there’s a request waiting for your approval, you’ll be notified via email, on Sunlight, and on Slack (if applicable). Additionally, you can go to your company’s profile and click on the requests tab to take a look at your team’s requests, here you’ll see three tabs: Pending, which means requests pending for your approval; Paying, which means requests with a card ready to use; and Completed, which refer to requests that were completed when the card was charged by the provider.

2. Overview your team’s activity

As a manager, you can also check your team’s activity through your company’s activity tab. Here you can add a filter in order to only see your team’s purchases or shared resources. You can use this to take an overall look at how your team is using their Sunlight benefit.

To learn more about how to approve a request and how to see your team’s activity, please visit our article "All About Managers."

3. Create your team’s playlists

You can also guide your team through their learning journey by using our Playlist feature. For instance, you can create private one-on-one playlists with each member of your team, aligned with their individual career paths.

Furthermore, you can create a playlist for your whole team to read, comment or collaborate on with resources you think might help in their roles. This is a way of showing them you’re invested in their professional growth, without needing to spend a lot of time arranging everything. If you want to learn more about our playlists, please read our articles "Keep your Direct Reports Closer with Sunlight Playlists" and "Sunlight Playlists for Collaborative Learning."

Now that you know all the basics about being a manager in Sunlight, it’s your turn to go ahead and encourage your team to grow and learn!

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