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Personalize your feed by creating company playlists with your favorite courses, books, events... You name it!

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Maybe you have a few books that you want your team to read, or some courses you want them to enroll in. On Sunlight, there’s a way to showcase playlists you create for your company.


Playlists are lists of resources each user can create in order to organize and personalize their Sunlight account however they like. You, as an admin, can create different playlists for your employees to check out.

Creating a playlist

First, you’d need to define a topic or theme you want your team to discuss or learn. Then, create a playlist and name it in a fun creative way. Once your playlist has been created, add as many resources as you like, these can be videos, books, courses, articles and more! Finally, add your company as members of the playlist, and let the learning begin!

To learn more about how to create a playlist and to add members, please visit our article “Our Playlists”.

Showcasing a playlist

As soon as you have added your company as a member of your playlist, it’ll appear on your employees’ homepage on Sunlight in the section “Company Playlists”.

They’ll also be able to find them if they go to their sidebar, click on the "Playlist" button and then go to the first tab, which should be named after your company.

Removing and deleting a Playlist

At any given time, you can also renew your company playlists or you can choose not to showcase a specific playlist anymore. In this case, all you have to do is go to the playlist and remove your company and cohorts on the “Members” tab.

This will only prevent the playlist to appear on your employees and company’s profiles. However, if you want to delete the playlist from your own profile, then go to settings and click on delete.

Need more information?

If you want to learn more about creating and personalizing playlists, please visit our article “Our Playlists."

To read about other features such as liking, commenting, sharing or adding resources to playlists, then click on our article “Interacting with Playlists.”

Finally, if you are a team or company admin and need more ideas on how to take the most out of playlists, please click on “Sunlight Playlists for Collaborative Learning” and “Keep your Direct Reports Closer with Sunlight Playlists."

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