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Learn how to take the most out of your Sunlight benefit!

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If you’re new to Sunlight this article will give you a head start on how to use this learning benefit! First, if you’ve already received an invitation, then you must set up your account and complete your profile, if you do not know how to do it, please go first to our article “I just got invited to Sunlight, now what?.” After you have your account all set and ready, you’ll find that there’s a great variety of ways to use it, let’s see some of them:

Create a request

With Sunlight you can purchase any course, book or event almost anywhere in the world. To do this, you’d have to create a request with the details of the learning resource you want.

You can request something that’s already on our platform, to do this just go to our search bar and take a look at all the things other people have requested in the past. You can also request a resource you found outside Sunlight, in this case, click on the button with a sun icon called “Use your Sunlight!” on the left side menu, and fill out the form with your resource’s details.

If your request has been approved (if applicable), then you’ll be given a card that you can use in any other platform to purchase the resource you want. For example, this can be Amazon, Udemy, Masterclass, and many others! You have to use this card as you’d use any other debit or credit card on the provider's site. If you want to learn more about creating requests and using the Sunlight card, check out our article “How to create a request.”

Upload an invoice

After you’ve created your request and used the card, you’ll have the option to upload an invoice on your request. Invoices are provided by the website where you purchased the resource, these are simply proof of payments.

Some companies require “Mandatory invoice upload”. This means that you must upload the invoice of your purchase on your Sunlight request; otherwise, your wallet will be locked until they’re uploaded, and you’ll see this message if you try to create a new request:

To learn more about invoices and how to upload them, visit our article “Invoices for Sunlight purchases.”

See your requests

If you need to take a look at your past requests, you can easily do it by clicking on the request icon on the left side menu. This will show you the requests that are pending for approval, with a card ready to use, needing invoices, and flagged.

Create a playlist

Another great way to use your Sunlight is to create lists with learning resources. You can choose a topic you’re interested in, and add as many resources as you want, these can be videos, books, courses, articles, and many more! After you’ve created your playlist, you can customize it, share it and add members to it. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of our Playlist feature, to learn in detail how to use it go to our article “Our Playlists” and “Interacting with Playlists.”

Share and like

If you're surfing on our website and see something you’re interested in, you can like it by clicking on the heart button, and it'll be automatically saved in a playlist called “Things you’ve liked”. Moreover, you can also share this resource with another user or with a team or your whole company. If you’re interested in this, click here to go to our article “Liking, Sharing & Everything You Can Do With a Resource.”

To answer a few questions you might have:

How much can I spend?

Surely your company has set a budget with a limited amount for you to use. To see your available balance, you can click on your profile photo on the left top corner on your sidebar menu.

Does Sunlight charge for each order?

No, you have to create your request for the same amount you see on the provider’s page (take into account shipping and taxes costs), at Sunlight we do not charge any fees per purchase.

Why is there a difference between what Sunlight shows and the actual price on the provider’s website?

The prices we show as “Last seen at” are referential, as we show the last price at which the resource was bought. We allow our users to edit the currency and price of the resource when they’re making a request because these should match the ones they see on the provider’s website so that they can pay for their resource.

Where’s my order number?

After your request has been created and approved, you’ll find your request or your order number under your card.

How can I use my card?

You have to go to your provider’s website and use it there to pay for your resource just like you’d use any personal debit or credit card. To know more about this, please visit our article “How to use your Sunlight card.”

Where’s the billing address?

When using your card you have to use the details on said card, this will contain your card number, cardholder’s name, expiration date, CVV, and on the bottom right corner you’ll see the billing address .

What happens if I get the message “Your group wallet XXX doesn't have enough available balance?”

This happens when your company does not have enough funds to cover new requests. Keep in mind that the funds to create new requests come directly from your company’s wallet or card, in this case, you can contact our Customer Support Team and they'll contact your admin to let them know about this.

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to take over Sunlight and begin your learning!

Have any questions or comments?

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